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Get a list of well-qualified and ready-to-be-interviewed candidates for your temporary engineering roles, saving countless hours for your recruiting team. Try this new free talent acquisition channel for premium engineering talent before your competition finds it first.

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Sourcer is a contingent talent marketplace specifically designed for small to mid-market companies

Our clients rely on Sourcer to reach new global talent pools, enchance compliance, and optimize their temporary workforce utilization rates

Find Better Talent At Lower Cost

Lower Worker Markups

Lower your company's current direct sourced worker markups by an average of 30-40%

Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs

Reduce your contingent talent acquisition costs by an average of 10-20%

Optimize Hiring Time

Optimize traditional supplier timelines for niche or hard-to-fill temporary positions

Introduce New Talent Channels

Introduce new talent channels to bypass unnecessary talent acquisition costs

What our clients appreciate the most

Ease of Implementation

Set up your free company account, invite your colleagues, and list your vacancies. You can use Sourcer at your own pace.

Value for Money

Sourcer has transparent, predictable, negotiable hourly rates listed for every resource. No additional fees or service charges.

Customer Support

Advice and support you can rely on any day. We aim to be your last stop in your search for a talent sourcing solution.

Hiring Made Easy

  • Post Your Open Vacancies

    Post detailed job descriptions for your vacancies, including job responsibilities, required skills and experience, relevant candidate requirements, and background checks.

  • Receive Matching Profiles

    Get matching profiles of engineering candidates within 24 hours to review, interview, and choose from for your roles.

  • Interview and Select Best Candidates

    Talk to as many candidates as you would like and select the best resources for the job, based on the job requirements, hard & soft skills and overall fit.

  • Deploy New Resources on Your Project

    Onboard your new resources to your project within days of posting your vacancies on our platform.

Enabling the Contingent Workforce

Modern vendor-neutral Contingent Talent Marketplace coupled with integrated Vendor Management System

Broader Access to Talent

Gain immediate access to global talent pools that might not be visible to your talent aquisition team through any other sourcing channel

Labor Cost Savings

Realise immediate cost savings by leveraging access to hundreds of technology talent vendors from around the world competing for your business

Unified Billing & Invoicing

Better control your company's contingent workforce budget by taking advantage of our unified time management, billing and invoicing process

Analytics & Visibility

Leverage extensive on-demand analytics, including supplier or resource-level spend and workforce metrics to drive your decision making

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