Hire world-class contingent talent

Sourcer is an exclusive network of talented engineers, designers and business professionals with deep expertise across a vast array of skills, languages, frameworks, tools, and methodologies

We connect our clients with top technical talent suppliers from around the world

We introduce you to great candidates who have deep expertise across a vast array of skills, languages, frameworks, tools, and methodologies

Find Better Talent At Lower Cost

Lowered Worker Markups

Lower your company's current direct sourced worker markups by an average of 30-40%

Reduced Talent Acquisition Costs

Reduce your contingent talent acquisition costs by an average of 10-20%

Optimized Hiring Time

Optimize traditional supplier timelines for temporary positions to as fast as ~3 days to hire

Decreased Resource Attrition

Decrease your temporary resources turnover rate by at least 40-50%

A Better Way to Find and Manage Contingent Talent

With our Sourcer offering, we deliver a comprehensive solution to your workforce acquisition challenges while strengthening your ongoing access to great talent. You can quickly find, interview, deploy, pay, and manage pre-screened ready-on-demand technology workers from all over the world. Our platform delivers higher and faster fill rates, reduced bill rates, lower attrition, and full compliance with all government, industry, and company regulations.

Global Talent Pool

Add another productive sourcing channel to your mix of talent acquisition strategies. Sourcer offers access to a dynamic database of great candidates who have the potential to meet your immediate and long-term needs. We help you integrate this global talent pool into your overall sourcing strategies and systems, ensuring the best use of all sourcing channels.

Meeting Diversity Needs

Our vendor network includes certified diverse suppliers from around the world, including many with specific technology capabilities for sourcing niche labor verticals, ensuring that your particular diversity committments are met or exceeded while limiting your company’s compliance risk.

Client-First Model

Our client-first operating approach makes you our top priority. This model enables us to offer your company a better way to find, manage and retain the most suitable staffing partners for you. Whether we are establishing relationships on your behalf or from our supplier network, we will work across all roles and markets to get your business the best talent at the best price.

Performance Management

We utilize supplier and individual resource scorecards that help us evaluate vendors and their resources on performance, reconciliation, and compliance against their SLAs with the ultimate goal of better serving our clients.

Compliance Monitoring

Sourcer's compliance team conducts regular compliance reviews to ensure performance metrics are being properly tracked and are always in full compliance with our service provider contract.

Take on Toughest Challenges

Sourcer's service approach offers the expertise, technology, and people to solve your toughest staffing challenges and support your company in building a contingent workforce with the best possible workers, today and in the future.

Sourcer as a Service

Contingent Talent Marketplace + Vendor Management System = Sourcer

Enabling the Contingent Workforce

Modern vendor-neutral Contingent Talent Marketplace coupled with integrated Vendor Management System

Broader Access to Talent

Gain immediate access to global talent pools that might not be visible to your talent aquisition team through any other acquisition channel

Labor Cost Savings

Realise immediate cost savings by leveraging access to hundreds of technology talent vendors from around the world competing for your business

Unified Billing & Invoicing

Better control your company's contingent workforce budget by taking advantage of our unified time management, billing and invoicing process

Analytics & Visibility

Leverage extensive on-demand analytics, including supplier or resource-level spend and workforce metrics to drive your decision making

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

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What our clients appreciate the most

Ease of Implementation

Set up your free company account, invite your colleagues, and list your vacancies. You can use Sourcer at your own pace.

Value for Money

Sourcer has transparent, predictable, negotiable hourly rates listed for every resource. No additional fees or service charges.

Customer Support

Advice and support you can rely on any day. We aim to be your last stop in your search for a talent sourcing solution.

News & Insights

In-depth look at staffing and talent industry news, trends and insights.

Sourcer Launches Innovative Contingent Talent Marketplace

Sourcer Launches Innovative Contingent Talent Marketplace

Sourcer is proud to announce the launch of its contingent talent marketplace that serves as a transformative and dynamic platform for businesses seeking scalable talent solutions, bringing together talent suppliers and companies in need of temporary workforce.

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