Enabling the contingent workforce

Delivering world-class comprehensive talent sourcing and management platform for modern innovative high-performing companies

Sourcer is a contingent talent marketplace specifically designed for small to mid-market companies

Our clients rely on Sourcer to reach new global talent pools, enchance compliance, and optimize their temporary workforce utilization rates

A Modern Platform for Innovative Companies

A new outlook on talent sourcing and management

Sourcer is a modern talent-focused contingent workforce sourcing and vendor management platform bringing a renewed focus on enhanced temporary resource quality and talent supplier performance above and beyond the transactionally oriented VMS platforms on the market today.

Sourcer brings innovation to the sourcing and management of contingent workforce through integrated, on-demand analytics and industry leading talent-focused engagement and management practices unlike other legacy platforms that are purely cost and process focused, difficult to deploy and cumbersome to maintain.

Bringing clents and talent suppliers together

Sourcer Contingent Workforce Marketplace is a comprehensive cloud-based platform for extended talent sourcing, engagement, management, and optimization that's custom designed for small to mid-market organizations.

Addressing every phase of the contingent workforce life cycle, from supplier identification and engagement to talent sourcing and interviewing, the extended workforce platform connects clients, talent suppliers and temporary resources in one integrated, secure ecosystem that boosts everyday business productivity.

Achieve Great Cost Savings, Reach New Talent Pools, and Gain Process Efficiency

Take advantage of a robust suite of talent management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity. See how Sourcer delivers bottom-line value to your business.

Sourcer as a Service

Contingent Talent Marketplace + Vendor Management System = Sourcer

We help you leverage your contingent talent

The Sourcer platform enables our clients' recruiting and human resources teams to more effectively source and manage their contingent talent pools

Global Talent Pools

With our market-leading Sourcer Marketplace solution, you get direct access to expanded pools of qualified talent from around the world, all from within our platform. This seamless solution integrates a new talent pool into your sourcing process, from requisition through settlement, with full compliance and data security.

Supplier Engagement & Management

Quickly and effectively discover and engage with new suppliers from around the world whenever the need arises. Take advantage of thorough contract compliance throughout the engagement's complete lifecycle to drive maximum value from every supplier you work with on Sourcer Marketplace.

Contingent Talent Management

Take advantage of robust set of talent management features, including a detailed reporting of contingent resources' logged time and expenses. Build an accurate view of your temporary team members' work effort and costs by tracking every engagement throughout its end-to-end lifecycle.

Workforce Reporting & Analytics

Utilize embedded query tools, dashboards, and stakeholder alerts that support trending, predictive, and comparative workforce analytics. Leverage insightful process performance, spend and workforce analytics to drive your decision making process.

Financial Management

Our software automates and centralizes supplier invoicing and client payment settlement while saving time and delivering bottom-line efficiencies for all marketplace participants. Control the whole resource engagement with a range of platform features, from invoice management and processing to digital invoicing and accelerated payments.

Stakeholder Management & Collaboration

Our platform allows client's hiring managers to collaborate with supplier representatives directly in the system, enabling internal and external teams to work together. Team-aligned communication tools help all stakeholders to share notes, resource data, and engagement details to keep everyone on the same page.

Hiring Made Easy

  • Post Your Open Vacancies

    Post detailed job descriptions for your vacancies, including job responsibilities, required skills and experience, relevant candidate requirements, and background checks.

  • Identify Matching Profiles

    Get matching profiles of engineering candidates within 24 hours to review, interview, and choose from for your roles.

  • Interview and Select Best Candidates

    Talk to as many candidates as you would like and select the best resources for the job, based on the job requirements, hard & soft skills and overall fit.

  • Deploy New Resources on Your Project

    Onboard your new resources to your project within days of posting your vacancies on our platform.

We have the talent you need.

Engage with premium engineering talent pools that are not available to your recruiting team through any other sourcing channel