Elevate your client relationships to the next level

Discover new business opportunities and grow your client network with our Contingent Workforce Marketplace

Sourcer is a contingent talent marketplace specifically designed for small to midsize talent vendors

Our suppliers rely on Sourcer to achieve their aggressive growth plans, eliminate sales and marketing expenses, and optimize their workforce utilization rates

Optimizing Your Talent Bench

Modern vendor-neutral Contingent Talent Marketplace coupled with integrated Vendor Management System

Broader Access to Clients

Gain immediate access to a new client base previously not available to your company through any other acquisition channel

Marketing Cost Savings

Realise immediate sales and marketing cost savings by leveraging direct access to clients actively looking for your avalable resources

Unified Billing & Invoicing

Leverage your avalable resource bench to the fullest by taking advantage of our unified billing, invoicing, and payment process

Analytics & Visibility

Leverage extensive on-demand analytics, including client-level spend and deployed resource metrics to drive your decision making

What our suppliers appreciate the most

Ease of Implementation

Set up your company account, invite your colleagues, and list your resources. You can use Sourcer at your own pace.

Value for Money

Sourcer has highly transparent, predictable, usage-based pricing built into the system. Take it for a spin any time.

Customer Support

Advice and support you can rely on any day. We aim to be your last stop in your search for a talent marketing solution.

Sourcer as a Service

Contingent Talent Marketplace + Vendor Management System = Sourcer

A Better Way to Market Your Available Talent

With our Sourcer offering, we deliver a comprehensive solution to your talent marketing challenges while providing you with access to a brand new client base. You can quickly find new job requisitions, market your available talent, negotiate billing rates, send invoices and receive payments from your clients - all within a single, unified platform.

Improved visibility

Sourcer provides vendors with greater visibility into their clients' purchasing processes and requirements, which can help vendors better understand the needs of their clients and tailor their services accordingly

Increased efficiency

Our platform helps streamline client-to-vendor communication and automate many of the tasks associated with managing the client relationship, which can save time and reduce the risk of costly errors on either side

Enhanced compliance

Sourcer helps talent suppliers ensure they are meeting the legal and regulatory obligations of their clients, such as those related to labor practices, environmental impacts, and data privacy

Decreased sales expenses

Our platform helps vendors decrease or even fully eliminate their sales and marketing expenses by offering them direct access to thousands of clients who are actively searching for available talent

Increased competitiveness

By using Sourcer, vendors can demonstrate their commitment to efficiency and compliance, which can give them a competitive advantage in the crowded market of talent suppliers

Improved client relationships

Sourcer helps talent suppliers build stronger, more transparent relationships with their clients by providing a central platform for communication, negotiation, and collaboration

Improved cash flow

Sourcer helps suppliers manage their cash flow by providing timely payment and billing information, and by automating many of the tasks associated with billing, invoicing and payment processing

Access to new business opportunities

Our platform provides talent suppliers from around the world with access to new business opportunities by making it easier for them to discover and bid on potential projects or contracts

Enhanced reputation

By using Sourcer, vendors can enhance their reputation in the market by earning and displaying high performance scores from their past and current clients at the end of each completed engagement

We have the clients you need.

Engage with a new client base not available to you through any other channel